30 May, 2004

So instead of doing actual work...I blog.

Okay, so in an effort to avoid having to do work, I was surfing around this vast and open internet when I stumbled upon this funny one called Insults Unpunished. But better than that, on the website there is a link to this site called Political Compass, which allows you to find your place on the new political spectrum (as the website explains, the old horizontal line of left<----------->right is outmoded and too simplistic, so now there is a vertical axis that takes into account the social values/positions). I happen to fall in the quadrant Libertarian Left, which unfortunately lumps me in with Michael Moore- ah but on the contrary, as my coordinates on the graph are economic left/right: -2.88 and social libertarian/authoritarian: -3.33, I am close to center- thus, I have essentially libertarian values, but I disagree with completely, radically free social policies (i.e. I do believe in individuals depending upon themselves, not the state), while economically I believe in a free market with little to almost no market controls, but strong corporate responsibility, social and otherwise.
I definitely recommend taking the test for yourself...It will be posted on the side bar so take adavantage!


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