21 May, 2004

Politics and sheep

So the big story in Iraq right now is the whole wedding party story. The media has played into it so far, though I have seen some cautions taken, such as describing the party as an "alleged" wedding, or even putting wedding in quotation marks. Andrew Sullivan
believes that the wedding was a fake...who knows? I am waiting to see what evidence he has to present.
Tis troubling for those of us who supported (and for that matter, still support) the war. The actions of the US military are making it hard to defend my position against my lefist friends (of which I have many). Yet, despite what happens, I still believe that what we are doing is the right thing- unfortunately, war is ugly. There is just no getting around that. Though I will not claim that the media is purposefully only reporting the ugly, it would be nice to see a more balanced look at what is going on over there. I have been reading blogs from actually Iraqis and not all of them are screaming for the blood of Americans. In fact, some are very happy that we are over there.
Just a point to remember, a little optimism in the face of all this pessimism- yes, many Iraqis were protesting against the abuse in Abu Graihb, but the very fact that they are able to protest (when we all know before that no one could or would speak out against the abuse going on in the prison under Saddam Hussien) is a huge step in the right direction. Isnt a startling picture? Iraqis able to express their opinions without worry of being fed into a grinding machine or whatnot.

Food for thought.

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