22 June, 2004

Me no blog so much...bad.

On the fairly disturbing news front...

Is a second Holocaust coming? News out of France says...maybe? A huge number of the few Jews left in France are considering leaving due to increased hostility on the streets. Not only are those Muslim ruffians (A- here i refer specfically to the ruffians and not all muslims) running around the streets stabbing Jews, but the chosen ones are also suffering from attacks from the French themselves, who are more often than not, anti-American, anti-Israeli rabid leftists.
Speaking of anti-semitic lefties, Berkeley campus is becoming notoriously Anti-white/jews/american/anybody who isnt brown and a terriost. Read it all here. Given that Berkeley is supposed to be a radical campus and needs a leftist cause to circle around, they have chosen the Palestinian cause (i am not going to go into that). This has lead to increased hostility against Jewish students, who have been spat upon among other horrible things.
I consider this very disturbing. I already have trouble with some of my leftist friends, who when it comes to the whole conflict would rather say "F*ck Israel" than actually condemn the jihadi bunnies for blowing innocent people up. It is even more so now that such sentimisms are sweeping across supposedly liberal campuses.
Once I considered attending grad school at Berkeley...well, no more. I do not tolerate any form of racism, even it is coming from brown-skinned people-- racism is not justified no matter what the context.
Also, SFSU campus is also experiencing some troubles: few days ago pro-Palestinian kids attacked a group of pro-Israeli students cleaning up after a meeting, yelling "Hitler didnt finish the job". Ah, the enlightened left....


Be forever vigilant against the terror and the hate. Next time someone calls you a dirty Jew, tell them "Muhammad slept with little girls".


Alex said...

Aren't you getting a little apocalyptic here? I mean, is it really wise to begin the piece with "a second Holocaust coming?" People before have cried wolf when the threat may not have been justified, but too often writers hype up impending doom, if only at the national (french) level (think the millenium, y2k frenzy, as a less "violent" example). Also, is it fair to say that the extermist rhetoric of a few loud Berkeley students should characterize the campus as a whole? Last time I checked, the school still has some of the best Social Sciences departments around. Moreover, from what I gathered on the link you provided, the Berkeley students voicing such anti-semitist epithets such as "Die, Juden" (which translates into "You, Jews", though without the strong Nazi connotations it has in the German) were more likely bathroom-wall commentators, you know, those anonymous, often-times vitriolic writers that grafitti usually vulgar and unnecessary comments for the unexpectant (or not) toilet visitor. On the other hand, there's what seem to be "rumors" of anti-semitism at Berkeley campus departments, though no concrete evidence of such prejudice. Interestingly, in what is supposed to be the most poignant part of the article, when Daniel Pipes goes to speak at Berkeley, the protesters, we can imagine, are radical leftists, a group that may not be so representative of Bekereley's large and diverse student body. Ultimately, some of their comments are anti-Semitist, however, it's important to point out that their complaints are particularly aimed at Israel in Palestine. Of course, this does not in any way excuse prejudice on their behalf, it just puts things into "context". Most importantly, and much like the epithets on French graveyards (and perhaps some European soccer matches (I myself was in Europe recently and failed to note any of these slanders or graffitis)), these are the comments of often-times anonymous extremists, and not the general public. A word of advice: don't throw caution to the wind in alledging wide-spread anti-Semitism in France and Berkeley, you would only be resorting to the same inciting strategies these "protesters" are applying by voicing what are likely the opinions of a small, radical segment of society.

Eve said...

Point taken. I have been properly fisked.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I made a mistake on the translation. Seems my German is suffering. "Die" is only an article in German (the feminine for "the"), so, as the article pointed out, it means "Die", in English. While "Juden" is jews, in the plural. Big mistake; very ugly, anti-semitist statement which I wholly condemn.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to add that the article eve's blog links to is actually a decent piece of journalism. The only thing I really disagree with is the implication that anti-semitism is becoming wide-spread in the western world. Otherwise the article gives relatively equal voice to anti-israelis and anti-palestinians (or pro-israelis and pro-palestinians, whichever rocks your boat).