16 June, 2004

Pimping the Chi sq. analysis

So I have been spending the last week or so immersed in the particular nuances of statistical analysis for archaeologists, spinning over and over the meaning of the Chi square statistic and the larger implications for sociopolitical change at the Chimu capital of Chan Chan.
Fun right?
Well, on the bright side I did finally achieve that special dream all young red-blooded americans share--the magical 21st birthday, the only one with the greatest build-up and the most disappointing climax. But post-21st birthday has been quite the ride...well not really...I haven't been to any crazy bars, or gotten drunk and did something incredible stupid like allowing yourself to be filmed during a wet tshirt contest. Its more like, cool...now I get to go out and have a beer or two with A, which he has been dying to do since he turned 21. Yesterday, actually, we met up with a friend of mine, Chris from England, and after chilling for a bit in the crib we went to Lucky Strike and had a beer...well, the men had two. It was nice...though for the second time that I have entered a bar since turning 21 (the Whirlaway doesnt count cause of the parents knowing the bartender and all yadda yadda) my id was not checked. Which only made me more nervous as I wanted them to know for damn concrete sure that I was of legal age. Instead I sat there, feeling like I was 17 and getting away with it. I'm not sure if I particularly exude 21-ness or something and thats why they feel comfotable not checking....cause the last time they let me into bars without checking my id was when I was 17...and getting away with it.
Hey, go figure...


PS Here is a nice fisking from Moorewatch performed on one of the Fat Lying One's mooronic slaves

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