09 July, 2004

Dust in my nose, well, dust everywhere

So, I know q-tips are for your ears traditionally, right? Well, lately I have been using to clean my nose to, just cause there is so much dust where we work that it gets in there and weell, stays there. It makes everything smell like dust, which is really a very pleasent smell. Uck, and you should see what comes out....well, actually no you shouldnt cause it truly is pretty gross.
Today was a rather ordinary day. I took a pick to the earth and violently tore it up, looking for el piso and not finding anything except an isolated adobe brick. I spent half the day doing that, and then the other half cleaning the site so we could take pictures and make drawings for the records. But I still had some fun...Martín asked me at one point if I was bored, and I said no, which is the truth cause I am too busy working to think really about anything else but the work I am doing. This is good as I easily become bored when my mind is allowed to idle. In all truth I am having fun and I can feel myself getting stronger, what with lifting heavy buckets full of soft earth and taking the pick to the ground like a mad woman.
Some of the kids I met yesterday came by today, and they showed me where this owl was hiding in this one finished area that had been turned into an on-site musuem. It was cool cause you could only see his head, and he would move it around in those weird circles that owls do. In the afternoon more kids came, and while one of the boys was resting in a wheelbarrow, I pushed it around and with the help of his friends tipped him over into a dirt pile, much to their amusement. What's awesome for me is that the kids call me amiga, like "amiga, ¿cuanto años tienes?", or "amiga, mira lo que encontramos". They constantly ask questions and are very curious about what we are doing. I find myself becoming close to the locals that work for us, like Segundo and Conejo, and I am getting to know the spanish girls more. We are now for the most part comfortable with each other, and they compliment me on my spanish.
Tonight we are going to watch a soccer game between Venezuela and Perú, and I am going to be the odd one out cause I gotta support el país natel de mi novio, A. While everyone will cheer if Perú scores a goal, I will be booing, and vice versa if Venezuela scores. Should be interesting. Plus, there will be cerveza, though I cant drink that much as I found out just today that we also have to work tomorrow. ¡Qué cruel!, ¿verdad?. The only good thing is we stop at one, so we when we return a la casa the first thing I will do after a shower is fall promptly back asleep.


ps. after yesterday's post in which I bragged about being street-smart and not having to worry about walking through Chepén alone, I recieved a rather frantic email from A about the dangers of South America and how different it actually is from México. So as not to worry anybody, especially the man I most dearly love, I promise not to walk alone at night ever again. The last thing I want to do is cause anxiety to people. Im supposed to be a smart girl, right? Better act like it.

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