11 July, 2004

Ugh...full of food

After spending Saturday miserable (its a kinda long story, but lets just say that I made a boo-boo while at this club on Friday night and Luis Jaime became very angry at me, but everything is absolutely okay now) I woke up this morning ready to start over again and began anew. Part of that included ingratiating myself with the group again. The trip planned for today was to go check out some Moche sites and then go to the port town Pacasmayo for late lunch. The whole group (felt like the entire world was crammed onto one bus) left together and we went to Dos Cabezas, which is an Early Moche huaca in the Jequetepeque valley, where the Moche first appeared. It was really cool, cause from afar it looked just like a melted hill, but once you got close enough you could see some of the adobe bricks that still remained. We all climbed up and I went around, touching the bricks, trying to connect myself to the Moche past, imagining the priests dancing on top of the huaca as they sacrificed some poor soul to the cosmos. It was a specatular view from the top of Dos Cabezas, but the wind was blowing so strongly that I thought we would all fly off.
We then climbed down, using a different path than the one we used before to climb up, and it was so slippery that I just slid down the side of the huaca, Luis Jaime called it "huaca surfing". We walked to the beach, and as we did so we passed over the residential area of an old (precolumbian that is) fishing village. I saw a black stone that looked pretty interesting, and when I picked it up I could tell that it was a core stone or something, whatever it is that they call the stones from which you get lithic flakes. I showed it to Luis Jaime and he said that it was probably rpre-ceramic, which would make it about 8,000 yrs old or so. I couldnt believe that I was holding something that old in my hand, and I felt blessed to be doing so.
After spending some time at the beach, from which I got at least a beach's worth of sand blown down my pants, we left to go to Pacasmayo. There we lunched, and for 15 soles per person we got to eat a lot of food, and as much beer as we wanted. I cant remember all the names of the foods we ate, but they brought out at least four or five courses. I was so full that the smells of the food and the cigarette smoke began to bother me and I had to walk out.
Soon everyone joined me outside, and then some of us went to this woman{s house to view her private collection of Peruvian pottery, collected through the years by her husband. There was everything from Cupisnique to Salinar to Moche, all periods. The pieces were amazing, real musuem quality stuff and I found it incredible that I was able to see them and touch them. There was even some fine metal workings made from copper.
Ugh, still so full of food, and tired, cant believe how tired I am. Well, early to bed tonight cause its early to rise tomorrow, as we get back to work in the field.


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