26 July, 2004

¡¡¡¡GOL BRASIL!!!!

So, I dont know if I related this, but the whole time I have been here the Copa Ámerica has been playing. The final game ended up being a contest between Argetina and Brasil. On Friday, I made a bet with one of the workers, Segundo, that Brasil would win the cup...he chose Argentina and with four beers riding on it, we finalized the bet with a handshake.
I spent the next couple of days eagerly anticipating what should have been an exciting match between two very excellent teams. As A says it, the Brasilians dont play fútbol, they dance it (who knows who Argentina plays, but I have been told they're pretty good too). Since all the other games had happened at 7:45, I of course assumed that this one would too...so I laid down to take a short nap. I woke up just in time to hear the announcer scream "¡¡¡GOL BRASIL!!!". Of course, I leaped out of bed and ran upstairs where they have a tiny TV...only to find out that the game had already ENDED. I asked, "Who won?" and Martín told me "Brasil"...ha ha, the beers were mine.
When we got to the field today, Segundo resignedly came up to me and told me that later he would have the beers for me. While I was hacking away at the dirt floor with my trowel 11 am he walked by and dropped a black bag at my feet with three beers, informing me that he still owed me one. I put the beers away, then ten minutes later Collen asked "Did you stash those beers away?"... I responded with a quizzical look and "Can we drink them now?" Rocío and Martín eagerly nodded yes and I ran and got them. When I got back into the unit,  Grace showed me how to open one beer using another one as leverage...it actually works very well, plus it would make an excellent party trick.
Later that afternoon, Martín was like, "Quiero más cervezas". The day had been an awfully hot one- I practically spent all my time in the shade trying to cool down. So we collected money together to buy some more beers. This time we had four and I opened the first one. When I tried to open the second one, again using the trick Grace taught me, I was having a little trouble and Conejo came over to help me. He took the beers and when he hit them against the ground, which is what provides the force that pops the top of one beer open, the cap flew up and hit me square in the forehead. Everyone had a good laugh at that, and although I was the tiniest bit embarassed, I couldnt help but laugh too as it had been awfully funny. We then sat around, pretended to work, and drank beers for the hour that was left in the day.
So, yeah Brasil...

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