24 July, 2004

Apoyada la Pollada

Well, the special dinner on the roof ended up being a real succes, although for the first hour or so I was so tense about everything, I couldnt enjoy myself. See, Ed, my professor from the University of Chicago, and his friend John Warner were supposed to show up around 8, and around 8:30- when they still werent there- I guess I must have had some sort of disappointed look on my face cause Luis Jaime came over and told me that he would kill them both personally if they didnt show up. I took a sort of strange comfort in that statement, cause it showed that LJ had concern for my feelings, which is I guess what any person could hope for from their boss, right?
So Im up on the roof and everytime I heard the doorbell ring I got all excited, only to see it wasnt them. As it neared 9 all I could think was "Well, at least everyone seems to be enjoying my salad" (and on another note, everyone had complimented me on the way I was dressed, exclaiming "¡Qué guapa!", tehe, but hey, any excuse to get dressed up, right?). Finally, when I just about given up all hope, I heard the doorbell, and I got the feeling that it just had to be them... I peeked over the edge of the roof and saw the top of John's head. I was so excited that I threw off my heels and practically flew down two flights of stairs to open the door. After a round of hugs, I led them upstairs to the roof and introduced them to everyone, in spanish. I then went back downstairs and got two glasses for them to drink beer, and as I was pouring the beer John remarked on how I was such an excellent hostess. All I could say was "Well, I learned from the best..." (thanks mom and dad!) and then promptly served them some lomo saltado (which translates as jumped beef, dont ask me about that one) and my salad.
All in all, the whole evening turned out really well and everyone had a good time; Ed and John mixed very well with everyone else, well not everyone else really- Martín and the Americans really. Not to say anything, but the Spanish kids really cling to each other as a group....
Anyway, today after we finished up in the field, we all went to the house of Segundo, one of the workers in my area, for what they call a Pollada, which is where you pay 5 soles for all you can eat of potatoe, fried chicken and ají sauce...its the way to raise money here. It was pretty cool. While waiting for the food to be ready, I played with one of the many little girls running around underfoot and chased all the little chicks they had in the kitchen and backyard- they were so cute! and there were like 25 of them all over place. I just couldnt help myself as I attempted to catch a couple.
Next week is the Independence holiday of Perú...which means we get two days off in the middle of the week...then comes the conference, which means a week off from the field and hanging out with the who's who of Moche archaeology. So the next two weeks should be fun and interesting...a little change of pace from the same old routine. Really, Im just looking forward to reuniting with A in Venezuela, and although its only three weeks away, its really beginning to feel like forever....well, tonight I am going out dancing...gonna have the DJ save my life...wink wink, nudge nudge.

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