13 July, 2004

¡Me lanzó el caballo!

Boy today was a day!!
So, I spent the morning not doing much...uncovered a few more bones and poked around in an intersting matrix. Most of the dirt we unearth is sort of a computer baige right? Well, this soil had been burned, or at least was the former site of an hearth cause it was all sorts of interesting browns, reds, grays and ash. After breakfast, during which I bought a second sandwhich for the site dog Pinina and removed the ticks attached to her skin (mom and dad will tell you that I have always had a soft spot for animals, and Pinina is such a such a cute dog that I couldnt help acting the part of the matriarchl primate and clean her, well she is pregnant and all). For the rest of the time in the field I poked around in the dirt, not finding anything special at all. Around 11:30 this tour group showed up to check out the site, and then we broke for lunch an hour early cause we were going to lunch with them- they had paid for everything, including entertainment. And boy what entertainment it was!!! This vaquero who owns an hacienda nearby brought two of his horses, one brown and one black (remember the colors cause they are important for the rest of the story).
We had been warned earlier in the day that we would be able to ride the horses, of course at our own risk. Before we were able to ride the horses, the vaqueros did a show, and brown kicked his rider off. I was thinking that when I had a chance to ride, I wanted to ride black cause it was obvious that he was the calmer of the two. Of course, when it came time to ride they put me on brown, and I told them I knew how to ride (one of the tour group woman got black).
Everything was going fine until I tried to make the horse move a little faster...it jumped a couple of times and the next thing I knew I was landing on the ground, left leg first and I could hear everyone go "ooohh" in fear. Well, I got up quick as I could and got back on the horse, after which they lead it around. I was surprised that no tears were in my eyes, cause normally when I experience pain and shock tears form, but this time I guess I was so determined to appear like nothing was wrong that the tears just didnt come, gracias a diós, ¿verdad?
Anyway, once the woman got off black, I asked the vaquero if I could ride him. After that, everything was okay. After my first ride on black, Luis Jaime said if I wanted to the main vaquero would let me come to his hacienda on the weekends to work and ride the horses. Of course I was like, "right on!" LJ made the introductions and then I talked to the vaquero. Get this, when I call him on sunday, they day we arranged, he is going to pick me up from Chepén and drive me to his hacienda. And I am going to ride his horses and work with them too!!! I told him that I would bring my journal with me so I could write down all the hosre-specific words he is going to teach me, cause even when I was helping to take off the equipment he was teaching what things were. ¡Qué emocionado!, ¿verdad? I am going to spend my weekends riding and working with horses!
And Luis Jaime called me his Amazon cause I was thrown and got right back on as if nothing had happened....


ps. mom and dad, i logged out of my email before remembering that i hadnt emailed you guys in a while....how is everything? how are our plants and rosita? miss and love you guys much...email me!

pps. to everyone reading my blog...THANK YOU!!!!

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Te corcoveo' el caballo.