15 July, 2004

Oops, sorry for not posting yesterday........

but I ended up waiting for two hours just to take a shower, as I was the last in a line of 15 girls that all needed to use the bathroom. It was frustrating, cause not only did I have to wait forever, but by the time it was my turn, the shower was so cold, like ice. Then we went out to eat, and didnt return to the house until ten at night, by which time it was too late to even attempt going to the internet cafe.
Anyway, not much to report in the way of whats happening in the field. We finally found a tomb in our area, and its kinda funny cause the mouth somehow fell open, so the skull looks like its constantly screaming. I told Rocío that I wanted to take a picture of the skull with my "Perú Chepén" hat, my sunglasses and a cigarette in its mouth. She thinks its an hilarious idea, and so once we have the whole thing a little more excavated and cleaned up, we are going to have ourselves a little modeling session.
Day by day I feel myself getting stronger- maybe its all the 40-lb buckets of dirt that I have been lunging around- using the pick doesnt hurt either, and I have gotten really good with that. I can clear a sq. meter area in an hour. My guns finally have a little definition to them, instead of being the flabby little arms that they were before- hey ma! I have muscles! The only drawback is that my body is always sore, as I dont thinks its ever worked this hard in the entire time I have been alive. But the work is good for me, and except for all the dust I have been inhaling, I am sure that I am a lot healthier too.
Well, tonight I am going to cook some spaghetti and home-made pasta sauce. The new Peruvian students, Tere and I decided that instead of going out tonight to eat, that we would attempt to cook something for ourselves, have a little wine and just plain act grown-up. Its going to be fun...I really like these peruanos cause they always try to make me feel welcome, always inviting me to sit with them and talking to me too.
I do have a little something to confess- I am kind of tired of speaking in Spanish all the time, I kind of miss joking around in my mother tongue. There is certainly a barrier between me and the others, simply cause when it comes to Spanish I am still at the level of a ten-year old, with half the slang. It can be frustrating cause I cant express myself as I wish too, nor be as funny or argumentive. Last night I probably annoyed Luis Jaime cause when he came to sit with us at dinner last night, I talked his ear off in English....I guess I was just so desperate to speak to someone who understands my language. Oh well, I can always dream in English....
Tomorrow we go to Pampa Grande, which is exciting cause I have a book about this particular Moche site by this dude, Shimada or something. Its supposed to be a spectacular place, and it means a day off from the back-breaking labor in the field. Every day that passes brings me closer to Sunday, when I go ride the horses...now that I am very excited about! Yeehaw!
ps. Allah reported on this, but did anyone read about how in cali this one dude insulted a little girl and everyone got pissed cause as the girl's name is Isis, a lot of people assumed she was black, but it turns out she is a little white girl with blond hair. This one state senator, once he found out her race, canceled the civil rights march they were going to have. Somehow, this seems even worse to me than making the mistake about the girl's race. It suggests that as a white child, this girl is less deserving of defense...but she is still a child and should be defended, no matter what her race. I think this says more about the left, especially the left in california, than anything Rush L. could have said....

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