23 August, 2004

Germany Tropical!!! (say it with an mexican accent)

PS. This message should have been posted on Saturday, but the internet place were we went didnt function right and so its getting posted now...but please, enjoy...

Se vende CNE a precio de gallina flaca: Selling the CNE (or Consejo Nacional Electoral, the election board here in Ven.) for the price of a skinny chicken. Spray painted on a billboard in Caracas.

Rumors of "fraude" are getting stronger, and the whole referendum result is beginning to smell like week-old fish. Seems that in certain voting centers in the interior the votes (yes to get rid of Chávez) were capped...that is that after a certain amount of people voted , any vote after that would register as a No vote. Certainly makes sense to me, as A informs me that its pretty much a mix in the number of states that are pro- and anti- Chávez, and yet only two anti-Chávez states, out of 27 states total in the whole country, had a majority for the opposition. Suspicious, no? (now say that with a french accent....)

Well, currently we are bumming it in Colonial Trovar, a German colony established way back when in the 1800s in the mountains. The decor is strictly Bavarian, and except for the jungle atmosphere it truly could be in Germany...Germany tropical!!!! But its cold and foggy...yet the fog certainly adds a bit of a romantic air to the whole place. A and I had made the desicion to stay the night, and spent most of the morning frantically searching for a hotel room before we found this one place that had cute cabañas...we got Frida for only Bs. 40,000, which at the super-secret exchange rate we found really only cost us $15. Score! Its an awesome place, simply for the fact that its a f$$king cabaña, meaning it is its own seperate little building, all private and super-romanticky.

After securing the hotel room we went for lunch and had a delicious German meal, with sausages and mustard and potatos and sauer kraut and all that good heavy German stuff, with plenty o' beer to wash everything down. We then walked around the town, purchasing strawberries, cookies and beer to take back with us to the room (which comes with fridge, rockin'). We checked out the church, and before leaving we both got down on the knees and did the cross-and- kiss thing: yes, I dont particularly like religion, but in a house of worship I do not disrespect...and besides, its for insurance purposes. Spent the rest of the time in the cabaña drinking beers and watching TV, which in the middle of I passed out and woke up to a program that was interviewing everyone's fav coo coo director, Oliver Stoned. Well, after this, more beer and sauer kraut. OH YEAH


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