23 August, 2004

All by my lonesome....

In a mall in Caracas.....

A had some things to do today, namely research and although I offered to help and all, I was told that there wouldnt be much I could do. So he told me of a mall, Plaza de las Americas, where I could go and kill time for a while...which is what I am currently doing- killing time that is, although not that well...I was just never the mall type person, and will probably go home soon to take my daily nap.

Anyway, kinda of proud of myself as I mananged to get down here (although here is really only ten minutes by metrobus) without any assistance or whatnot. A had merely told me the direction in which to go and that I would be able to recognize the mall without any trouble. And I did! Ha ha...I can navegate by myself in big, strange Latin American cities....take that...um, whomever.

Well, this is going to be a short post as I really dont have anything going on right now...'cept that I really really miss Chicago (yeah flat places!) and my home, my family, my apartment and my own, very own and dear bed. I miss my cat and my plants, and I miss everything I know...like English. But one week left...one week left and I can finally throw the toilet paper into the actually toilet!


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