11 September, 2004

Checking in, checking out...

Blog-o-world aflamed right now with the controversies of Memogate. Seems CBS and the Boston Globe are going out of their way to make these forgeries legite- see here, here and here. Allah has a lot of info on all of this...definitely good to check out if you are confused and desire to figure out what exactly is going on with this scandal in the making (considering the vastness of the internet and the blogsphere, it can be confusing to search out info on a topic so as to make your experience better I am directing you to a site that not only sums up good but has many more links than I care to provide).

What effect will these forgeries have? Possibly the retirement of Dan Rather, who has long sat on the shelf way beyond expiration date... Will it affect the Kerry campaign? Most certainly, as golden boy Edwards has been trumping around in support of documents that many experts have concluded to be forgeries...this can only reflect badly and damage credibility (Good Morning Cambodia!!!--although, to be fair, Bush and Co. havent been that great at maintaining credibility either, its just that when you are offering yourself as an alternative to an admin. you deem full of falsities, you better make sure that your ass wipes cleaner).

We shall all hold our breath and wait....and wonder, Oh what shall happen next...only Allah knows (smirk)


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