23 September, 2004

So yeah, um...been a while right?

If someone were to ask, "And which of the seven deadly sins best represents you?" (in gratingly cheery voice, of course) I would have to definitely say SLOTH- as this blog can certainly attest. Its been how many days? And whats been happening?

Well, lots. Rathergate is going at fullsteam...Im still holding my breath to where the ripples will end and who will be swept away with the tide. Rather perhaps? Strongly think so, but we cant also discount a smearing of mud on the Kerry campaign, as it seems there was some back and forth going on between JFK'S team, the DNC and CBS (now signifying Central Bullsh*t Service I believe).

Good news coming out of Afghanistan...which is why we never hear anyting about it on the news (remember: if it bleeds, it leads). Despite the Trotskies-Next-Door's predictions of "millions slaughtered, refugee crisis" with the Original Invasion, the Afghanis are on their way to democratic stability-which will still take a few years, yes, but considering what life there has been like for the past 25 years....this is the most shining moment in a long time.

Trouble abrewing in Iraq...or is it? Certainly there has been worry (and quite a bit of bitching coming from the traditional media) about increasing insurgency attacks and their efficiency. The networks tell us that the Iraqis are increasingly blaming it on the Americans, but from what I have read on the Iraqi blogs I have a hard believeing this is the majortiy sentiment...anyone anywhere can always find some unhappy person, its really not that hard. But from what I have gathered off the Iraqi blogs and from what Chrenkoff says in his excellent series on the good stuff going on...Id have to say that I am not as worried as others are, perhaps because I realize that things are going to be very hard for a while before they get better. Its sorta like when you are trying to rearrange all your stuff in an effort to clean the house or something--its all messy beforehand right?- papers all over, stacks of books everywere- and then you go through everything and poof! clean. Things get messy before they get clean...and that is Iraq now. The increasing violence of the insurgency may represent more sophistication, but it couls also represent the desperation of this "revo" movement- as Iraq draws closer to elections, the jihadi bunnies are trying everything they can to disrupt the process they most fear- democratization.


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