07 October, 2004

Bitch is back!

Just finished taking the GREs, and am feeling quite stupid...blah...

Anyway, election is heating up and I have shut down, refusing to discuss who I am going to vote for. Academia is enemy territory and if I open my mouth, I may get myself in trouble for revealing where my sympathies lie. Hint hint: Im voting for the chimp, and not the breakfast food.

Why hasnt the MSM talked about the UN Oil-For-Blood Scandal? Eh? Flippy Flop says US decisions will have to pass "global test"...aside from objections I have about the French judging anything about US policy (not out of a sense of anti-Frenchness, but cause I know how much those froggies hate US) I dont see how getting the okay from an international body that participated happily in the oppression of Iraqis and traded their blood for money...dirty money...will make anything we do that much more legit....but hey, its his fetish....


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