10 November, 2004

Bloody hilarious

Via Moorewatch, an article from the Telegraph concerning Moore's uncanny ability to win elections....for the other side. Money quote:

Not since Moby Dick has a great white whale been so bloodily harpooned

This of course references Fahrenheit 9/11 and Moore's attempts to influence the election by sending anti-Bushites into "paroxysms of anti-Bush rage" and into the polls....an event which did not materialize. Warning: it is practically useless to appeal to the youth vote...not only are most of us slackers, but we're often too stupid and/or idealistic to vote anyway. If your support includes mainly young people, you're gonna lose....just look at the example of Howard "Screamin" Dean.

Not to be overly harsh on my own generation, but 20-some years of too-liberal education have made us amoral idiots. No to War! Violence is wrong! Guns are evil! uh-duh....

Check out the article...its a gem.


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