11 November, 2004

Arafat is Dead...Long live...Arafat?

Aside from the election, what else has the world been obessing over? Well, what with Arafat on his deathbed, flirting with comas, everyone's been tense over what his death would mean for the whole Palestinian-Israel conflict.

Well, we are a little closer to finding out...news came this morning that the ol' terrorist rascal finally gave in to the call of Allah and 72 virgins (or clear raisins, depending upon your preferred translation). I for one am happy with a capital H to see him go...no one who once claimed that they would "drive the Jews into the sea" could ever lead his people into a peaceful solution with the "enemy". Arafat not only directed the deaths of Jewish children, but also encouraged little Palestinian children to blow themselves up for the glory of Allah. He stole billions from the Palestinian people and got rich off of selling cement to build the infamous Security Wall in Israel. He spoke of peace out of one side of his mouth and encouraged terrorism out the other. 40+ years under this guy has gotten the Palestinians nowhere. I say good riddance.

Beside, now Ariel Sharon will have to negotiate with the PLA. Here's to hope.


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