11 November, 2004

A dinner with friends

On a more informal note...A's roommate from Vienna, Alex sq. was in town last night visiting for a bit and we stopped by to have dinner and say good-bye. It was pretty cool, a bunch of people just sitting around eating chili and rice. We brought a bottle of wine that turned out to be too stubborn for its own good and we ended by having to filter the cork with our teeth...oh well, I have heard somewhere that cork is good for you...at least not harmful in small teeny tiny amounts.

So we talked about what Alex sq. did over the summer, which was work in the mountains as a caretaker and guide. My cousin once did something similarly to that....he worked as a fire spotter somewhere in the Rockies. He told it me once that it was the most zen thing he had ever done...all alone by himself for months with nothing to do but stare at the beautiful landscape and think over his life. Complete and utter zen. Nice.

Shared stories around the table. Apparently this one kid recognized me from way back when I used to hang out with P-Funk....he asked me "are you the [my name] that was on stage with George Clinton at the House of Blues?". Shyly, I had to say yes, though it was funny that this kid had heard so much about the "mysterious [my name]"...I didnt know my name had gotten out there.

Fun night. Good company. Okay wine.


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