24 January, 2005

I wanna be adored

So last Friday I was hanging out in Cobb coffeeshop, passing that long hour and a half in between classes reading articles for class (and it actually wasnt a bad article, the author had this whole thing about place-making and the Apache and check this out this is a real apache word Gad 'O'ááhá-neat right?) when I realized they were playing that song "I wanna be adored" by the Stoned Roses--this of course I found out after googling. Anyhoo...I hadnt heard that song in ages I remember that when we were kids we used to sing:

"I wanna be a door"

It wasnt until I was like 14 or something that someone told me that he was actually singing "I wanna be a-dored!" and then the song made so much more sense! duh. Pues, the truly awesome part, aside from the great melody and hook, is the first two lines of the song...well pretty much the only lines in the song (aside from a variation of "I wanna be adored" or "you adore me"):

"I dont need to sell my soul...he's already in me"

Isnt that f**king cool? If you dont listen carefully, you dont realize that he's talking about Satan. And everyone appreciates subtlety...rock on....


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