03 January, 2005


The proverbial train wreck that has become the UN continutes chugging along el camino destruct-o. Kofi not only had to attend an "intervention" (hat tip Instapundit) with prominent American politicians, who clamored to make certain that this was all done out of "love" (this is for your own good!!) for the institution and not, as some Congressmen would wish it to be, an attack on Kofi and his legacy nor the UN.

But warning signs continue. Aside from the intervention, there have also been critiques of the UN's performance towards the tsunami disaster that recently struck Asia and our hearts and minds--check out what Diplomad from Far Abroad has to say about that. As Glen remarks on Instapundit "I'm glad that someone is getting it right, but I'm sorry to hear that the U.N. is getting it wrong." Apparently, while the US and Austrailia are working hard at getting aid to people, the UNAID coordination team is trying to ensure that their staff recieves 24-hour room service.

Another troubling UN story is the whole "Toyota Taliban". Apparently the UN staff has been pilifering from the cookie jar to create unto themselves a large army of expensive cars and SUVs. Millions of aid dollars that would have lasted years were gone in months, and the Americans were of course blamed.

UN accounting problems here and here.


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