03 January, 2005

School daze ahead, watch your back...

School has started up again and I am still not quite ready for all of it. Yet another class with the wunder-kid Mark Lycett. And again I am astounded by brilliance. This morning so much wisdom was dropping from his lips that I could barely keep up, and my pen inked words that barely resembled English, much less a language that uses the Latin alphabet.

Next up, from eggs to people. No seriously, thats the name of the course. I found out last quarter--SURPRISE!!!-- that I have to take another bio course to graduate. So I signed up for learning how we all develop from zygotes to human beings. Should be fun...at least for 50 minutes 3 times a week.

I finish off the day with the Aztecs. I'm hoping that there will be some real PC people I can get into an argument with...never argue with an archaeologist about ancient or proto-historical societies, they will kick your ass everytime. Especially since I am armed with Lycett's brilliant remarks on time, space and landscape. Boo-yah!


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