09 February, 2005

Oh yeah...this blog

Hallo everyone. Long time, no talk (how many posts have I written that start with that....?)

Anyhoo, been busy. Yep. Its crunch time now....all of sudden all those papers and presentations that I have to do are coming up. The next five weeks will certainly be a ride...well, actually the next four, seeing as this week is almost over.

I had planned to write a bunch right after the Iraqi elections, but I got lazy and also figured there was probably enough people out there commenting, good and bad. Besides, it is and was a momentus event, nuff said right there. Plus, this great line on CNN where they were saying that Syrians finally got to see what a real free election was like, but only Iraqis could participate...boo yah!

Well, gotta run...food and empty stomach and all that good stuff....but I promise I will be writing more later!


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