19 February, 2005

Sneaking around....

Taking advantage of free printing at the GSB. I feel commando everytime I go...cause like I'm really not supposed to be here....not being a business grad student at all....te he. But hey, they wanna charge me $.06 per page!!! at the other printing place and that just ain't good. When you're printing out almost 100 pgs. of reading four times a week, that can add up to some serious ca$h. Now certainly some of my peers can afford this fee...cough...as it is the U of C, but for the rest of us, those that succor upon the teat of financial aid...well, it just ain't right.

So I print out my sh*t at the division with the largest endowment. Oh yeah!


Los caminos de la vida
No son los que yo esperaba
No son los que yo creía
No son los que imaginaba

Los caminos de la vida
Son muy difícil de andarlos
Difícil de caminarlos
Y no encuentro la salida

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