28 April, 2005

hello spring

Hey everyone....

I must admit that I had fallen off there for a while. I met A after he got out of work and we ran into an old friend, someone I've known since first year, my favorite English in the world Chris Wallace. Sitting around in the Pub--the one place to find good microbrew beers in Hyde Park--Mr. Wallace mentioned something about this humble blog, about how I had stopped writing and all. Well, that was Monday and in typical procrastination fashion I dont do anything about it...and lately well, whew have I been really bad about that let me tell you...

Theres a bunch of stuff I am supposed to do and should do and should have done and was supposed to do...opportunities certainly missed and such. Perhaps today is someday, perhaps quizas, all that jazzz...I cleaned the kitchen at least and did laundry (which now to think of it currently at this time 10:56 pm is still down in the dryer). I scrubbed that damn dirty stove too...I think that thing has a strange attraction for building up grime in two days....anyway I did dishes and cleaned pots and swept and wiped. It was exhausting.

Lately though I have also been sick. Stomach problems. Like I had a colonoscopy....endoscopy....colonosco...endo? I'm not entirely sure as people alternatively called the whole procedure by both--but recently a nurse Debbie authoritatively told me that I had a colonoscopy. That procedure was nuts...the drugs they gave me were awesome, like time was compressed, what was supposed to be forty-five minutes was like only five...and everything was moving! I think I even asked the nurses "is everything moooovvvviiiinnnngggg.....oooooooooooooo????!!!!! but I don't remember them answering. After finding I guess nothing the doctor kindly informed me that he was going to "perform a biopsy" which actually means "i'm going to cut little samples of flesh from your INSIDES" and that hurts.

anyhoo...last quarter of undergrad. next year grad...damn i have to be so on target. sigh.

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