13 July, 2005

How to Kill Children in Baghdad--Wait for the Candy

Proving themselves to be once again the freedom fighters Michael Moore declared them to be, a suicide bomber ran his truck bomb into a crowd of children, killing 27 of them and one US soldier. The soldiers had been passing out candies and chocolates to the kids.

When I saw the headline at first...honestly I didnt quite believe it. It seemed to similar to what happened last fall, when another jihadi bunny ran his truck bomb into another crowd of children, while they were also grabbing candy from the evil Americans. I thought
"This must be a re-run of that event for some reason...."

But no. It was definitly yet another event, another mass murder of innocent children. The awful thing about it, aside of course from the fact that some asshole blew little kids to multiple pieces, was that this jihadi asshole had aimed for the kids, ramming his vehicle straight at them! On the day of the London bombings, I was reading an Arabic page where MEs were commenting on the events, and those in favor of what had occured were claiming that it was retribution for the fact that "THEY" were killing innocent Iraqi children. Bullshit. The jihadi bunnies, not the soldiers, not the Americans, are killing the kids. Indeed, TWICE a suicide bomber has rammed a vehicle packed with explosives into a crowd of children eating candy.

Freedom Fighters? Oh you bet! Fighting against the facist children soldiers of the Great Satan. You go!


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