15 July, 2005

The Color of Your Poo


Stomach. evil.

For anyone out there who is unaware of my real identity, and for those of you who just dont care, in my real life I am an otherwise healthy 22 year old with mysterious stomach problems. Yesterday I had a flare up that has carried over to today...and Im sick (literally) of the whole damn thing. I had place my bets a while ago, when the doctors and I first began investigating this mystery, on a parasite from Peru...just cause I wanted something easy that could be rid of with a few injections and fun drugs.

Well, life never is that easy, is it? This was probably one of those few times when I was actually, severely disappointed to hear that all my systems were healthy. Even my liver, damn it!

So now Im on a ton of meds and going through test after test...next week I get to swallow bariam and watch what happens. Yeah! But nothing has dramatically improved, and now Im suffering this awful flare up, which means any number of fun stomach issues...you can well imagine what those are....


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