18 July, 2005

Yellowcake--does it taste like vanilla?

Non-scandal disguises real issues.

Turns out the stupidly infamous "ninteen words" or whatever, in which Bush related that Iraq had tried to buy yellowcake, uranium, from Nigeria are indeed truth--what is lie is Joe Wilson and all the pea-cocking he's been doing for the past two years. Funny, cause so many have said to me "Bush said this...and he lied...blah blah" but what Bush had said was "British Intelligence has recently learned" and according to all the intelligence agencies of the world, including THE FRENCH, agree to this--Iraq did attempt to buy delicious yellowcake...hmm yum.

There goes yet another myth...if only people actually bothered to listen, instead of clamming up and repeating the same old bullshit. Like about connections between Iraq and Al-Queda....internal Iraqi gov't docs say otherwise...how do u think Zawarqi got in the country anyway?


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