05 August, 2005

Live and Let Live...High!

Great article (via Instapundit) about why the government needs to stop prosecuting victimless crimes such as gambling, alcohol and -- a subject close to my heart...er...stomach -- marijuana.

See...I have these health problems. As my friend Raver so eloquently put it: "She's got a fucked up GI tract". Its been that way since I was a kid slurping bottle after bottle of pepto bismal. I have been through test after test and the doctors are still trying to pinpoint the cause. I suffer from frequent nausea with a side of vomit. Not a morning doesnt go by where I dont find myself trying to keep it all down. I have tried several meds in an attempt to help it but so far nothing has worked....

Well, thats a little lie cause something does work. Marijuana. When I get up in the morning, fighting the nausea, I smoke a small bowl, taking only two hits, and then I feel better. Like I could actually walk out the door and go to work. I do this when I get home sometimes too...Wednesday I had fled work after puking, ran home and hit the bowl and everything was better.

Certainly its fun to get high, I'm not gonna deny that. But that's just an pleasant side effect...the banishment of nauseous feelings and the return of hunger--and the willingness to eat-- is the main attraction. My doctors are aware of this: one I told outright and the other surely saw it on the information sheet I filled out "Do you use drugs" "Only marijuana--recreationally and for medicinal purposes". Neither have said anything....and no one has said stop. Because, unlike many people including our federal government, doctors are certainly aware of the beneficial medicinal qualities of pot.

Now you can suggest I try Pepto, that good ol' pink stuff, instead. But I've taken so much Pepto in my life that it just doesnt work anymore. Period. In fact, several times I've actually thrown up only ten minutes after taking it (pink puke is a lot prettier than regular, though). Pot however, takes care of it...and provides a pretty pleasant ride as well.

Recently a friend of the family asked if I could score some for her. She suffers from something with her liver, Ive never been to sure on the particulars but I do know for a fact that she is in an immense amount of pain. PHYSICALLY BLINDING PAIN. And rather than subject herself to pain meds that ruin your body or morphine, she's gonna smoke pot. And while it will neither cure not completely solve the pain problem, it will most definatly improve quality of life. And when you are in pain or suffering from some ailment, thats pretty much all you can ask for.


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