10 August, 2005

Cosmic midgets

At work, trying not to pee.

Been to the bathroom once already, twice would suggest a problem. How much time should pass between bathroom visits before one becomes...Suspicious. If I count the number on my fingers, and it goes over the thumb, will it mean I have a consistency problem?

The coffee works it's way downward. I feel the pressure...right there, pressing slowly against my bladder. Pee! the urge screams pee!

Yesterday A attempted to watch the movie Paths of Glory. I only wanted to smoke a bowl, so I caught the first few minutes, but that was as far as we got....its impossible to watch a movie I guess, when one person is more anti-war than the other, although both agree to varying degrees about the doctrine of....not just war, but necessary war--which is the belief that war should be avoided at all costs unless of course its the last and only option. If there was anything at all Nietzsche got right, it was that pain is an excellent mnemonic device. Anyway, in the first 15 minutes we got caught up in a discussion about "fighting spirit" and whether or not men are born with it.

Conclusion: Nature is the floorplate with which nuture works. Some people are indeed born with a "fighting spirit"; others are inoculated, or broken, into it. And others cant be broken to it.

The next argument came not long after, and was complicated by the parroting of the anti-war mythology thats been circulating around. Eventually, we both became frustrated...and ended the discussion and the movie. I felt bad, and told A to go watch the movie, but I guess he felt as deflated as I did, and we just laid down in bed, reading and talking about other things.

However...one good thing to come about. A began something about "the illegitimacy of the war" and I argued that discussing the legtimacy or not of a war is misleading, because legitimacy implies the need to weigh evidence, facts and proof...which is impossible in war. Rather the proper way to frame such a discussion is in terms of whether an action is justifiable or not.


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