16 August, 2005

Oh Dick! You are SOOO Devine

I remember a few years ago when Dick Devine was running against some dude named Dick Fallon....like no kidding, that was the contest. Not hard to imagine who won, right? Anyway, I have not been disappointed by Devine Dick, while there may be some disagreements here and there (nothing unusual in a political relationship) I have overall been happy with him as Cook County attorney.

Well, today Devine Dick wrote a letter to the Voices of the People section in The Chicago Tribune in response to University of Chicago Law Professor Randolph "Im an Ass-hat" Stone, who in turn was responding to an editorial crtiticizing this one judge, Circuit Judge Evelyn Clay for publicly stating "I dont seat white juries" (it must be made clear that she did not say white jurors, which would have been racist....or maybe it wouldnt, considering the judge is black and if you believe the white liberal establishment, blacks cant be racist....but anyway, statistically all-white juries in a metropoliton area such as Chicago are quite rare, but that doesnt mean it cant happen).

Having not seen Ass-hat Stone's little piece, I cant rightly and thoroughly critique it, but going on what Devine Dick wrote, Prof Stone must have made ass-hat remarks about racism, the legal system, and what they call "Batson" violations, which are when prosecuters refuse to seat minority jurors in the somewhat-stereotypical-but-containing-a-grain-of-truth belief that they are less likely to convict minority defendents. Prof Ass-Hat claims that "the state's attorney's office of a "long and sordid history of excluding jurors of color in criminal cases." " (Devine quote). But as Devine points, at least since he became Country attorney in 1996, there have only been two of these Batson violations, which out of a figure of 3700 jurors seated over the same time period, amounts to percentage of .0005....not exactly an encourging figure if you are looking to race bait.

What caught me most, though, was when Devine Dick points out, in reponse to Ass-Hat Stone's statement that a majority of defendents in criminal cases are minorities, that a majority of crime victimes are minority as well. See, this is something that the left/white/Democratic/black activist liberal establishment will not or refuses to talk about and absolutely denies: that victims of black criminality are, most often, well....black. Black criminality dispportionately affects....blacks. Period. But no one mentions it or talks about it because then blame cant be shifted from those who perpetuate crime and commit it to the system itself, the system that attempts to make criminals answer for their crimes. Because then black criminals (or "Latino" for that matter) are no longer victims of a racist society, they become responsible for their own actions. And being responsible for your own actions is not part of the liberal self-esteem dogma. Nor of the "white-man bad, brown-man good" mentality.


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Shout-out from Old Europe.

Still following your blog over here. Superinformative. However, I've read the last paragraph of this particular post three times and I still don't get it. Clarify?

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