24 October, 2005

Good news

People who know me know that I have an intensely tortured gastrointestinal system. For the past several months I have had several procedures performed as the doctors could not just figure out what was going on. I thought I would never get better and have to live with this suck-ass condition...FOREVER. Even in Europe I had problems.

But then I came back and....nothing....absolutely nothing. I have been back for some four/five weeks now and...nada. Ni dolor ni problemas. Nothing. Mysteriously, all my symptoms seemed to have disappeared. Ive been trying to think what could have happend...a lucky bacteria I picked up somewhere in say...Budpest? or perhaps that one night when after drinking too many steins after Oktoberfest and a few hours after returning to the hotel and sleeping for a bit spent the rest of the night puking anything I put in my stomach out? like maybe that cleared me out or whatnot? Im not entirely sure...but thank baal, right? gee, wish this woulda happened sooner...before I spent thousands of dollars on stupid hospital procedures. Damn it.


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