24 October, 2005

Hey everybody...Im back...for four weeks ha

Oh ha...hey everybody. Gosh, I promised a while ago to put up pictures of my trip to Europe. Heh...and I've been back for a couple...no few...no several weeks now...heh...and havent done anything. Actually this whole blog thing has been an off and on thing for a while. I meant it to be a sort of running political commentary thing with insights from archaeological classes I've been taking....and well, that didnt work out to well, now did it? Its not as if there arent a hundred million blogs obsessing over damn near everything going on in the MSM, with the left, the right...with BushChimpMcHitler (tehe) and his crazy neo-con cohorts, or if you prefer, with the evil, disloyal dhimmicrats, moon-bats and ass-hats...what could I add?

Really...I ask you...what could my humble opinion add? The internet is junked up enough as is. Yah.

And then, I thought it could just be a simple journ-o-blog...and this wasnt quite as succesful either...mainly cause I just didnt bother to update the damn thing. Why? Cause Im lazy, very very lazy. And a horrible procrastinator. AWFUL. Simply awful. But then, there are ton of things I gotta do....like

1. Make that second damn cd for my field professor Luis Jamie like Ive been meaning to do for so fucking long...ack swear word...sorry.

2. Develop film from Mexico...a year and 6 months after returning. Um, I do have a slight excuse....shit costs $10 to develop...each...and I just dont have the money....heh

3. Finish writing letter to my prison pen pal (no, seriously).

4. Write the great American instruction manual.

Time after time I swore that I would be better about this...I would post to this blog regularly. And then I wouldnt. I promised and I promised and I promised but never deliver.

Well this time its gonna be different, because no longer will I have to borrow my boyfriend's laptop or sequester myself in the dungeon with the behemoth known as the DELL desktop...I HAVE MY OWN LAPTOP!!! HAHHAHHAHA....hahahaha. yeah. nice.

So. Things will be slightly different. I will still include the occasional political comment, but now its gonna be just a random collection of shit I feel like posting...sort of like what was occuring over the summer. More frequently though. Maybe poems and stories too. maybe

I promise. (ha)

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