28 October, 2005

Michael Douglas was never attractive.

This I conclude, after much watching of VH1.

Anyhoo...yesterday was kinda weird. I felt awfully funky and ended up not doing anything but sleep. A called and suggested that we go out to eat and we ended up at this Oaxacan restaurant with a rather memorable name...La Oaxaquena Restaurant and Taqueria. Oh its a wonderful place and if anyone reads that lives in Chicago you have to go, its right on Milwaukee right north of Pulaski. The food is amazing and the margaritas are rich and cheap, like delicious...yum. Raver met up with us and ordered the Oaxacan tamales, which are really interesting cause they're wrapped in plantain leaves [as opposed to the typical corn husk], which very close to a Venezuelan hallaca or the Guatamalen tamales.

Today's been lazy as well. I didnt do the reading for discussion this week so I hid in the back behind people hoping that I wouldnt be noticed. Haha at one point she was looking for someone to pick on like "whats the difference between Weber's rationality and rationality in rational choice theory" and she looked over at me...I ducked and weaved trying to avoid her but we made eye contact. She said "oh, there you are" and then swiftly turned to someone else and said "Chase, I havent picked on you in a while". What? Haha, she totally did not pick me, like completely skipped over me. It was great.


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