03 November, 2005

Of Vegetables and Men

I was going to write this post earlier in the week, but at that time A had to use my spiffy laptop for something or another...so here it is now

On Monday, which was Halloween, we went to see this new play, Corpus Delicti: Just Desserts, which deals with death, dissection of the human body and the ethics of it, gender and the twining of art, death and the body in Renaissance art. As A put it, the play was very elegent and eloquent...the debate between Dr. Tulp and Suster Luyt brings the audience in: it's intelligent yet approachable and most importantly....interesting. I was not bored once. The two main characters were actual historical figures: Dr. Nicholas Tulp was the man at the forefront of the new science of anatomy that was emerging at this time in Amsterdam, Holland, while Suster Luyt was the first woman to be condemned and sentenced to public dissection (her skin hangs on his wall). The whole play is about the relationship of the living and the dead to the human corpse and the coolest thing about it is that it takes place in an actual pathology theater at UIC.

If anyone who reads this is in Chicago the last shows are this weekend, Nov 5-7 (they just got extended for one more weekend). Its definitly a must-see.

Anyway, here's the website: http://www.localinfinities.com/cd/cd.html


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