30 November, 2005

By way of explanation....

I guess its about time I explained what the photo on the side of the blog is...ya know, the skulls.

Summer 2004 I worked on an archaeological dig (my first!). In the area next to where I was working, they uncovered a elite burial. There were 14 individuals total, only 5 though were complete skeletons; the other nine were simply skulls (watch out! SACRIFICE!). The pic shows a close up of the skull of the main male, the one for whom the burial was constructed, and the skeleton lying immediately underneath and to the side of him. This was a female sacrificial victim who interestingly enough had a flute inserted into her pelvis region (either pre or post-mortem we are not sure.

As an aspiring archaeologist, this shit forms a lot of what I look at...its also really fascinating. Hence this picture's presence on this blog.

Here's a better look.


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