01 December, 2005

How God is screwing me over

Every other week those of us who are enslaved to Unversity employment have to turn in timecards. Having started a new job, I asked my boss when were timecards due and he said "Thursday". So I thought I had till then to fill out it, sign it and turn it over.

Except when I walked in today all the timecards were already gone. Shit. Damn. Fuck. And suddenly I was very pissed...I hadnt recieved a paycheck last week because they screwed up papers or something like that and I thought here we go again another two weeks without a paycheck...without money...flat broke...is it too late to start stripping? Mo my co-worker told me that I dont have to worry cause its easily solvable and we can fix it so I can get both paychecks next week.

Fine. I kinda knew that anyway. But I still felt like shaking my fist at God and demanding why he's been fucking with me for the last two months. Nothing has gone right. It took me butt-ass long time to get a job, its taking even longer for my would-be-life-saving-if-I-had-it loan to arrive, I havent recieved a paycheck, I owe money to my parents, my bank, a collection agency for hospital bills and credit cards....and to top it all off--I have to pay rent next week! With non-existent money! Hurrah! The icing on the cake is that right now is finals and Im super-duper stressed.


God hates me.


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