15 November, 2005

Clash of the Titans---Fox vs. Chávez!

If you didnt have your head up your ass last week then you are probably aware of the riots that occured in Mar del Plata during the that big conference with all the heads of state in the Wester Hemi. The way the news is spinning it, it appears that the anti-ALCA forces won the day and that chavez socialist rhetoric was behind it. Its kinda funny when an article has that tone and then they say, somewhat un-ironically, that of 34 countries present, 5....thats right only 5....were against discussing the act while 29 were in favor of going ahead. I guess that other 29 dont count when you have the awesomely combined forces of Venezuela, Brasíl, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay (continuing with that, of those 5 only 3 really seem to have their hearts in opposing....Brasíl and Argentina would consider a free trade zone if the US agreed to get rid of their crippiling subsidies, with which I whole heartedly agree---go Kirchner and Lula!)

Well, an interesting story has developed out of this whole mess. During a cadena (which is when chávez opines on Matters-Important-to-chávez and every radio, television and media network must air it) el presidente extraordinar basically took a crap on President Vicente Fox, the head of México, one of the biggest economies in Latin America and I believe only third to the US and Canada. Calling him "a puppy dog of the empire" and various other rude things, chávez certainly made sure that the gun he was holding was firmly aimed at his foot. Immediately afterwards, of course, Fox had his people call and demand an apology, which so far chavéz has refused to deliver.

So things have gotten worse...after withdrawing each country's respective ambassador and the continuing insulting by chávez, Fox has recently declared that he is prepared to cut diplomatic ties with Venezuela, a move which can only spell the beginning of disaster for chavéz. Truly that dude is in for some serious shit if this goes any further. For a better analysis of all this, check out Daniel over at Venezuela News and Views excellent run-down of the whole mess from the beginning.


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vergueishon said...

This is not news seeing as it´s coming from the Chávez-Castro bleachers. Castro jumped on the soap box just over a year ago to say pretty much the same thing (and during a very similar event: while this time it's Chávez spouting righteousness about free markerteers, last time it was the US -through the UN- coming down on Cuba´s human rights records).

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