14 November, 2005

The Weekend of Weird

A and I awoke on Sunday morning to find a big gaping hole where our DVD player used to be. Seeing as nothing else was disturbed in the apartment, we assumed that our roommate had borrowed it. When he woke up and, in an attempt to turn the TV back on, he asked us "What did you do with the DVD player?" we figured out something was awfully and disturbingly wrong. A went with Garrison to check out the kitchen and sure enough, the window was cracked. Some asshole apparently had opened our window and reached around to open our back door which unfortunately happens to have a lock within tantilizing reach of our open kitchen window.

Therefore, we could only conclude that some asshole had broken into our house, snuck around our apartment quiet as a mouse, went straight for our DVD player, took out all the cords, snatched my wallet as an afterthought....and walked back out, politely locking our back door as he left (how sweet....). Which can only mean, as we are on the third floor, that said asshole knows us and our apartment, because nothing else was disturbed in the apartment...everything was in its proper place. Given the also the low retail value of our player and it was the only item, other than my wallet, taken, its most likely that the asshole was also a crackhead looking for something to quickly steal and sell.

And since there is only one crackhead out there that know us, knows our apartment and just happens to have broken into our place in much the same way....Mark, if you are out there and I see you....I WILL KICK YOUR ASS. HARD.

nuff said,


Update: Check out our crime report at chicagocrime.org.

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