05 November, 2005

Where's his legs...oh god....his legs

So growing up it always seemed like Rambo was this bloody action hero that was over the top and violent, leaving paths of destruction and blowing random teachers heads off....he was supposed to be this like BAD-ASS dude...straight outta Viet-nam man. Well, "First Blood" came in the mail today and A and I watched it right away [it was either that or Rashomon or Last House on the Left--both of which are sort of depressing].

The movie for the most part was what people had always made it out to be-- over the top ridiculous silly violence and dramatics. Except the surprise at the end. No one had said anything about it...not a word or a peep...but...Rambo cries. Cries like a hysterical girl. Whine, blubbers....clutches his superior in weepy agony. And through it all you cant understand a damn word because Stallone always sounds like he's trying to talk around a huge stick in this mouth. Anyway, I was pretty surprised to see this break-down scene; it was indeed quite a shock to see the tough action guy cry like it was "I hate my parents" day in group therapy. I mean ...jeez...how..um...touching.

And then to top it all off, the cheesy mid-tempo 80s soft rock song at the end....oh gag me with a spoon--"I have no friends...its lonely in this world...warble warble off-key!!!!"


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