13 January, 2006

Viaducto Uno

If you have been keeping up with current events in Venezuela, you probably know that the only direct, high-speed artery between the Valley of Caracas and the coast (where the capital region's international airport and seaports are, and where many people who work in Caracas reside) has been closed for a week now. Chavez and his administration is predicting a temporary re-opening in February, with the construction of a permanent alternate route to be completed sometime first quarter of '07. Now, while I would advise making recourse to the usual set of good-luck charms and much-needed prayers, I wouldn't cross my fingers just yet. As someone on aporrea.org's user forums noted recently, "la CIA ... nos tiene jodidos." No, we're not talking about the same CIA that has fudged countless assasination attempts against Chavez --if you take El Supremo's word seriously-- but rather a "Carnaval de Ineptitud Arrecha," or 'Carnival of Hardcore (Serious) Ineptitude.'

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