18 January, 2006

Removing Head from Ass

Ah sweet.

I may or may not have mentioned this huge final I had hanging over my head like the biggest, darkest cloud, but thats not important as what is it important is that the cloud has now been chased away. Yes indeed, I have completed that final; I have emailed it to the professor and then took an extra step and printed out it and dropped it off
in his mailbox. Yes. I am done. Done. Finished. Its over.

And now I can begin to concentrate on this current quarter (ouch as we're already three weeks in). THANK GOD.

And so to my friends and loved ones, I say Sorry. Sorry that I have been neglecting or ignoring you over the past two weeks. Sorry that I have not returned calls or answered emails. Sorry.

I have now removed my head from my ass.

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