16 February, 2006

Circumventing the Great Firewall of China

NPR featured coverage today on the panel-discussion led by Congress to address the issue of corporate assistance in China's efforts to censor the Internet. Following the coverage was an interview with Bennett Haselton, creator of "the Circumventor", a piece of software that allows people behind a firewall to circumvent its filters. The circumvention is accomplished by setting up a sort of proxy server on a computer that is outside of the firewall's reach. Anyone behind the wall can then navigate the Internet via the remote computer. While this technology is not new, it's nice to know that it's availability is being disseminated through a public medium like NPR (previous examples of this technology include "Peek-A-Booty" and, even further back in time, "TCP/IP Email Tunnel", though this last one does not appear to be available anymore).

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