21 February, 2006

Yippee Skipee!

My tax refund came into today! Woohoo! This means my impending vacation to Mexico can happen! Now if only the state tax money would come in, then I would definitely be set and there would be no worries about being stranded somewhere on the Pacific Coast in some town wondering how in the hell Im gonna hike it back to Mexico City. But anyway...wohoo...my government at work! (4 days late).

In other news, there was a reunion between friends on Saturday. BFF par exellance Drea was in town over the weekend so everyone came out of the woodwork and I hung out with friends I hadnt seen in pretty much a year (last time I saw Bug and Spicky was my brother's b-day of last year, which was this past weekend). We went to Bug's place (nicest apt I've seen her in yet) and chilled for a bit before heading out to a bar, where we all proceeded to get nice and toasty before heading back to Bug's and ordering deep dish pizza (is there anything better than 3:00 pizza?). All in all it was an awesome fucking time and I have to call my peeps more.

What else? Hmm, not much. Lite blogging seems to be the thing right now as I delve deeper and deeper into my thesis. I have, te lo juro, twenty books I have to read ideally witin the next three weeks...makes me want to go back in time and force myself to have read more instead of goofing off as I did (although, to be fair I have read like 6 books in the past 3 weeks alone). I mean, I took only two classes this quarter in order to give myself time to get the research for my thesis done and instead....nothing. Boo.

Sigh...back to work

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