10 February, 2006

So the comp I use at work, which is shared by many of the students slaving away here at Ida Noyes, features wallpaper that generally reflects the more liberal tendencies of said student staff. Most of it's easily ignorable, just the same old wanker stuff that one normally sees. Except this time they've got this thing up; its an image of a man driving a car and it says

Modern Wars are Fought for Oil: How many people did your car kill today?
And I cant help but roll my eyes at the sheer ignorance of it. This is also what pisses me off when people talk about "America's oil addiction" and then blame SUVs for causing all the problems.

HELLO! Our world is inhabited and surrounded by petroleum-based products! Ah!!!! It reminds of those assholes who religiously, slavishly bike and snipe at people--particularly those in SUVs--and then go home, turn on the lights, grab a cold beer out of the fridge and then go on their apple laptop and blog about how evil Bush and the oil-crats are!

In each and every one of those steps that asshole biker is using some form of oil, whether as electricity or plastics---OIL OIL OIL. It is therefore hypocritical to have wallpaper criticizing drivers on a computer that is 90% oil-based products and uses electricity to run!

How many people has your Dell killed today?

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