10 February, 2006

So today I'm supposed to turn in my proposal for my Master's thesis and although Ive pretty much got everything - I hope - covered, I still havent come up with a good title. Now Im not sure about the rules regarding titles and the ability to change them as your paper develops, simply because the form I must turn in along with the proposal demands that I provide a title...though I should note that the signifier accompanying "Title" is "Working", implying that I can indeed change it.

Okay, then, I guess they expect you to change it as you move along. But but...should I title the proposal to relfect the content of the proposal or should I title it to reflect what my actual thesis is...and on top of that....how do I make especially snazzy so that every sundry person involved approves it with a stamp and smile? Well? any answers from the crickets in the peanut gallery?

Guess not...

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