10 March, 2006

Huichilobos coms to town


Its that final stretch before Mexico and I'm busting my ass trying to finish my papers before we leave, cause you know...no one wants to have to think about school work while toasting nicely on a playa privada. I keep switching between this whole glass half-empty/half-full type thing, where one minute I'm totally like "I can do this, I can get everything done before I go" and the next "I'll never fucking finish!" Arg!

Anyway, my head is buried deeply in the chest of a sacrificial victim, vainly attempting to light the fire of my thesis (tehe, and to catch the reference, check out the Aztec entry on Wikipedia, looking for the New Fire Ceremony/Binding of the years). So not much else getting done, including hygiene.

Other than that, my Facebook addiction continues.

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