12 March, 2006

5 Days Ago...

Wikipedia Spanish edition broke 100,000 articles. I know it's just a mile-marker, but it's pretty exciting. English grew to over 1,000,000 articles recently, and it, along with many other languages, is growing fast in representation (both articles and users) on the encyclopedia. The English edition has had over 45 million edits to date, which is roughly 45 per article. Not bad at all! In January 2004, 364 new articles were added to the same edition. One year later, the figure had reached 797 new articles in one month alone. The most recent figures, collected in December of last year, recorded 1704 new articles. The same figures for the Spanish edition are, starting with new articles in Janruary 2004: 50, 87, 163 (Nov 2005). The numbers could be a bit more encouraging, but they're certainly growing. During the same period, the total number of wikipedians increased more than ten-fold for the Spanish edition, and just slightly less for the English edition.

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