16 March, 2006

Sin ropa pero felíz

¡Saludos a todos desde Oaxaca!

We're finally in Oaxaca after months of planning (by vergueishon) and anticipation. But as always, no journey is complete without the attendent hardships. Apparently, we had some of the required ingrediants for bombmaking (clock, pilas, cables and a lighter, swiss army knife so on and so forth). I swear to God on the plane i had a preminition that something bad would happen to our bag...and it did. Fortunately, the responsive airline rep at the airport registered our missing baggage with the airline, so hopefully something good will happen. Unfortunately we have been calling him all morning per his advice and so far.....the hiss of silence at the other end. As well, NWA is a bitch cause it is literally impossible to locate a number for them in Oaxaca. Damn you to hell TSA.

Other than that, barring the urine infestation of our bookbag while on the bus to Oaxaca, its incredible being back here. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I lived in Oaxaca for 3 months in 2004. Im still trying to absorb the fact that yes, I am back, and Im sure that Ive been annoying vergueishon with my constant "look, there that is and ooo, thats still ther" and other nostalgic exclamations.

Anyway, stay tuned for more on our Oaxacan adventure! Pictures to come soon!

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