21 April, 2006

Fuzzy Eyes

Update: This post was started on Friday, but then shit came up and well, I just havent touched it since. But now I have and so here it is...

Thats sorta how I feel right now. Fuzzy. Like not quite clear in the head...I'm blaming a slow recovery from the stomach virus that destroyed my week. Picked it up somewhere, vergui thinks from some tacos we ate on the northside (on western south of fullerton if anyone asks---not washing your hands again, eh Jose?)

Anyway, still been a rather interesting--though largely disappointing--week. On Monday we went up north to check out one last set of apts before signing a lease for the apt of our dreams, only to find out that the bitch had moved out from underneath us--BREAKING MY HEART IN THE PROCESS!!!. She tried to push us to sign a lease for an apt she swore "is the same, really" but we were like "hell no". So it was back up to the northside on Tuesday for another round of heartbreak and disappointment, as it turns out "is same really" in realty speak means "it has a bedroom, kitchen and living room" just like every other apt, just not like the one you wanted. After declining, we left, smoked a bowl and went to go see Paul Rusesabagnia of Hotel Rwanda fame. That was really interesting to see, his talk was inspiring I felt and at the same time disheartening, reminding all of us at the end that only a few years ago Western leaders had gathered at Auschwitz and loudly declared "Never Again"...and yet that never again is happening again, in Sudan.

Continuing with the genocide theme we watched "Sometimes in April", HBO's take on what happened in Rwanda that came out two years ago in 2004, the tenth anniversary of the genocide. It was actually a very compelling movie, with dramatic scenes that really put you there. After finishing the movie, I headed over to Wikipedia to learn more and follow up on the wars in the Congo--which are in fact directly related to the genocide in Rwanda. Looking over the entry on Rwanda I noticed something very interesting: the actors that played a large role in framing the (non)response to what was going on at the time in Rwanda are the same actors who are today obstructing things in Sudan. These actors are: the UN, particularly Kofi Annan (who is partly responsible for watering down the UN's repsonse to Rwanda), France, China and Russia (who were also the three members of the UN Security Council bribed by Sadam Hussein's regime prior to the build-up of the Iraq War).

Hmmm. Is perhaps why we are seeing history repeating itself?

Just a thought.

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