06 April, 2006

Increasing violence/tension/danger in Venezuela; Useful Idiots still think Chavez is a Swell Guy

I havent been paying all too much attention to whats been going on in Venezuela lately, but a recent jaunt over to the Devil's Excrement shows that the pot is boiling and about to explode. Recently, there was the kidnapping of four young boys whose bodies were found later; supposedly the kidnappers were policemen. During protests against recent kidnappings (apparently an Venezuelan-Italian businessman was kidnapped last week), the (lack of) security situation and the inepitude/inaction of the government, a photog for El Mundo was shot and killed , this time by a rumored policeman as well.

The government's response? More policemen! More forces! Armed citizens enforcing the peace, in your neighborhoods and in your families! Under control of Chavez! Yes!

Meanwhile, Chavez announced recently that since the opposition wont be able to put up a candidate for the upcoming elections, he thought it would be a great idea to change the Constitution so that he could be President-for-Life. Geez, gotta love that Chavez, he is such a stand-up guy for democracy, unlike that George Bush guy who subjects himself to reelection and will leave office in 2008, that guy is just so un-democratic.

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